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 in response to DeborahAnn...   

Cant't encourage you enough to call Lighthouse in your area.  They have several programs that you can still get involved in for the Holidays.  Adopt A Family.  So many families are having difficulties right now.  Lightouse in whatever   They also have toys for tots/ coats for children for Holidays and Adopt a Senior programs.  For Thanksgiving they still need turkeys for Holiday meals.

Just pick up the phone....Volunteers of America, Red Cross, Catholic Charities!!!!

Good luck finding the right thing to do for you.  Everyone this year should be trying to find out what they can do for their neighbors or community. 

The Government seems hell bent on helping out the banking & auto industries.  Wouldn't it be better if an Executive order would come down that proposes a ceiling of 13% on credit card debt and auto makers required to sell backlogged inventory @ 1/2  price to try to get themselves out of their current business situation just like the rest of us.

Okay, now I am just ranting....

Good Luck & Happy Holidays !!   Remember when you pay it forward, it comes back !!


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 in response to DeborahAnn...   

Not sure what your asking Deb, are you looking for places to volunteer? That would depend on where you live. I very good place to start is your local hosptial. Everyones heard of the candy striper. Its where I learn how to make a professional bed lol.

You will find more and more volunteer possiblities as you keep you mind open to it. 

I have volunteer since I was in my teens. Its such a rush. 

Talk to caregirl

I would like to volunteer for anything.  Well, maybe anything,  I like kids and young people and elderly people too.  I would like to help as much as I can. 

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